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Harold McCormick Elementary School

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Just "Bee" Awesome

Our School-Wide Positive Behavior Program

This year we are implementing the RTI-2B Program at Harold McCormick Elementary. RTI2-B is a behavioral plan that will support positive student behavior while also maximizing academic instructional time. With consistent and continued implementation of RTI2-B, we can expect:

  • A decrease in interruptions to learning
  • A decrease in the number of office discipline referrals
  • An increase in positive interactions
  • A more positive school climate
  • A proactive approach to crisis
  • An increase in instruction time
  • An increase in academic achievement

This is a proactive approach that incorporates positive reinforcement. Weekly incentives will be given out, and monthly celebrations will be held for positive behavior.


Thank you for your support.

Working together,

Mr. Wampler/Mrs. Nave












“Bee” Responsible










*Bring all materials

*Be on time

*Take care of your classroom and learning tools


*Work cooperatively


*Get all items you need before you are seated

*Clean up after yourself

*Leave all open food in cafeteria

Follow adults request

*Use table manners

*Go straight to your destination


*Have an adult’s permission to be in the hall


*Have all belongings you need with you

*Keep items in backpacks

*Walk directly to your designated area

*Get permission to leave dismissal area

*Sit in grade level area

 and wait to be dismissed


*Keep items in backpacks


*Ask for permission to leave area

*Go to and from the playground quietly and courteously


*Follow teacher directions and signals


*Solve problems peacefully

*Have all belongings ready to enter and exit the bus


*Take care of the bus

*Follow all instructions given by your teacher or other supervising adult


*Listen for your grade level to be called

*Be quick




*Wash hands


*Use restroom supplies appropriately

*Wear appropriate clothing and shoes

*Sit in appropriate sitting arrangement

*Return books on time

*Use shelf markers













*Use appropriate words and actions

*Follow directions

*Listen when others are speaking

*Leave other’s belongings alone

*Use appropriate words and actions


*Use INSIDE voice


*Use good manners

*No talking unless addressed by an adult

*Stay to the right of the hallway

*Keep hands, feet, and all objects to self

*Respect other learners

*Sit quietly

*Listen for name or bus to be called

*Use appropriate words and actions

*Be kind to others

*Use INSIDE voices in the building


*Keep hands, feet, and objects to self

*Be kind to others

*Share, take turns, and include others in games and activities

*Keep hands, feet, and other objects to self

*honor personal space

*Follow the instructions of the bus driver and monitor


*Use your INSIDE voice


*Use appropriate words and actions

*Quiet hands and feet


*INSIDE voices


*Respect the speaker


*Be quiet


*Put trash in the cans


*Leave area clean


*Be mindful of other people’s privacy

*Honor personal space

*Listen to direction the first time

*Care for books

*Use library voice














*Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself


*Use property as it was intended to be used

*Proper use of chair


*Enter and exit quietly with walking feet

*Raise your hand to get help

*Wait patiently in a quiet line

*Keep hands, feet, and objects to self

*Walk slowly and quietly


*Do not open outside doors without permission

*Keep hands, feet, and objects to self

*Stay seated in designated areas

*Wait for a teacher to dismiss you

*Parent permission required for dismissal change


*Watch where you are going


*Walk quietly to the designated

area in the gym


*Walk with grade level to the classroom

*Use all equipment appropriately

*Stay within the playground area

*Play safely

*Report all accidents, injuries, problems, and broken equipment to an



*Keep hands, feet, and all objects to self and inside windows

*Stay seated until it is your turn to exit

*Walk to and from the bus

*Keep hands, feet, and other objects to self

*Stay with your class and in a straight line

*Follow directions from your teacher when leaving the assembly

*Keep hands and feet off walls, stalls, and other people

*Notify an adult in case of wet floors or other messes

*Walk slowly and carefully

Follow gym and library rules